Thursday, 29 November 2007

Fuel tank....

Deciding to investigate the slightly petroly smell the silver wreckmobile has been emitting lately, I'm overjoyed to find a rust hole in the side of the petrol tank.

Hmm... poking round the dissolving undersealant covering the suspicious area doesn't seem to have helped the rate its dripping my £petrol onto the floor, either.

So, now I have an additional, urgent task, to find petrol cans, empty the thing, then find, purchase and fit a new petrol tank. For now, its parked on a sloping drive way, and on a jack to try and raise the leak. Given the £30 worth of petrol I put in the other day, I strongly suspect thats not going to be enough to stop it for a while.

Just the extra task I wanted. Grr....

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