Thursday, 29 November 2007

Fuel tank....

Deciding to investigate the slightly petroly smell the silver wreckmobile has been emitting lately, I'm overjoyed to find a rust hole in the side of the petrol tank.

Hmm... poking round the dissolving undersealant covering the suspicious area doesn't seem to have helped the rate its dripping my £petrol onto the floor, either.

So, now I have an additional, urgent task, to find petrol cans, empty the thing, then find, purchase and fit a new petrol tank. For now, its parked on a sloping drive way, and on a jack to try and raise the leak. Given the £30 worth of petrol I put in the other day, I strongly suspect thats not going to be enough to stop it for a while.

Just the extra task I wanted. Grr....

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Let the blogging begin...

Having encouraged Peter Brett to blog more frequently about gEDA, it dawned on me that I should also write about what I'm doing with gEDA development.

I have lots of things "cooking", most of which can be found in various branches of my gEDA GIT repository, which I push out to

Some things nearing completion:
  • Drawing fixes for slow rendering with composited desktops
  • Refactoring of data-structures to remove the ATTRIB struct
  • Refactoring and cleanup of "placing" code in gschem

Some longer term projects:
  • Desktop integration, including MIME type registration and icons (Based on work by Tomaz Solc)
  • Cairo rendering for gschem
  • Continued refactoring of libgeda and gschem to use more GList based APIs
I'm really looking forward to seeing some of the exciting changes which have happened recently in gEDA starting to hit main-stream distribution and usage.

In the mean time, I've a couple of bugs to fix in the development branch... it seems that even the most careful refactoring can introduce bugs or uncover problems.